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Welcome to my website. My name is Frances Reed. If you’re considering buying a used car, you are in the right place. I recently had my first experience with purchasing a used car and want to share some tips I learned along the way. When I began my search, the important things were color, comfort, and low mileage. I ended up with a green vehicle (which isn't on my favorite color list,) it has over 150,000 miles driven, but it is comfortable. I was very fortunate and had a friend who’s a mechanic come with me to test drive vehicles. Tip number one: be sure you have a mechanic check out vehicles before you buy. I hope I can offer you some valuable information here.



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Buying a Used Vehicle

A Quick Guide To Test Driving A Used Vehicle For A First-Time Car Owner

by Connor Ferguson

If you are planning on purchasing your first used car, you need to take it for a test drive. When you take it for a test drive, you really need to pay attention to how the vehicle feels and how it drives. In order to really evaluate the used car, make sure you ask yourself and answer the questions listed below.

Comfort Questions

One of the easiest things to assess is how comfortable a vehicle feels to you. Make sure you answer the three following questions about comfort while test driving a used car:

1. Is There Enough Room To Sit Comfortable=y?

When you sit down in the vehicle, pay attention to how the seat feels. Are you able to sit down without bumping your knees on the steering wheel? Does your head rest on the headrest? Does your head hit the ceiling?

It is important to make sure that you have enough room to sit in the car comfortably for an extended period of time. Remember, when you buy the car, you will not be just taking it for a test drive; you will be spending countless hours inside of the vehicle.

2. Can You Easily Get In And Out Of The Vehicle?

Then, you need to pay attention to how easily you can get in and out of the vehicle. Try to get in and out of not just the driver's side, but also the back seat and passenger seat. Think about the people that you usually transport in your vehicle. Make sure that they would be able to easily get in and out as well.

3. Can You Easily Read All Gauges & Controls?

Next, look at all the gauges and controls. Adjust your seat and see if you can easily read the gauges and controls. If you are not comfortable with the controls and gauges, you may want to pass on the vehicle. It is important that you can read all the gauges and feel comfortable when you are driving.

Handling Question

You also need to pay really close attention to what you feel and hear when you test drive a used vehicle. This is your chance to determine if the information provided to you about the vehicle's mechanical history seems accurate.

1. How Does The Vehicle Accelerate?

Next, start up the vehicle and pay attention to how it accelerates. It should smoothly accelerate and downshift. You should not feel the vehicle jump or stall when it accelerates or downshifts. If it does, it may have transmission problems.

2. How Do The Brakes Feel?

Press on the brakes when you are going to high and low speeds. The brakes should work quickly and smoothly; the brakes should not squeak or stick when you push on them. You should also not feel resistance when you push on the brakes. These are signs that the brakes on the vehicle need to be upgraded.

3. How Responsive Is The Steering? 

When you are driving, pay attention to how quickly the vehicle responds when you switch lanes and turn. Pay attention to how easy it is to keep the car driving straight; if you let go of the wheel, does the car drift or keep going straight? If it drifts, the wheels may need to be aligned; however, this should not be a deal-breaker. Getting the tires aligned is just a part of regular vehicle maintenance. 

4. How Is The Suspension?

You need to pay attention to how the vehicle handles; if you can, try to take it on a bumpy road when you test-drive it. This will let you see if the vehicle can handle bumps and give you a better idea of how hard or soft the suspension is.

When you test-drive a used vehicle, you need to pay attention to the comfort and to how the vehicle handles. If something doesn't feel right, have it checked out by a mechanic not associated with the used car dealership. When you purchase your first used vehicle, you are not purchasing a perfect vehicle, but it should run well and you should feel comfortable and confident driving it. Contact a company like Aabble Mass Auto Recycling for more information.