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Welcome to my website. My name is Frances Reed. If you’re considering buying a used car, you are in the right place. I recently had my first experience with purchasing a used car and want to share some tips I learned along the way. When I began my search, the important things were color, comfort, and low mileage. I ended up with a green vehicle (which isn't on my favorite color list,) it has over 150,000 miles driven, but it is comfortable. I was very fortunate and had a friend who’s a mechanic come with me to test drive vehicles. Tip number one: be sure you have a mechanic check out vehicles before you buy. I hope I can offer you some valuable information here.



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Buying a Used Vehicle

Forming A Maintenance Plan For Your Golf Cart Fleet

by Connor Ferguson

Your golf cart fleet is an important source of revenue for your golf course. By improving the customer experience and maximizing customer efficiency, a well-stocked and well-maintained fleet of golf carts can strengthen customer loyalty, draw in new customers and improve the overall reputation of your business. Having a fleet maintenance plan in place is an important part of keeping your fleet presentable and functional for customers. Follow these tips as you develop your fleet maintenance plan:

Perform Daily Inspections of the Carts in Use

Give clear instructions to your employees: carts that are removed from storage must be inspected before they can be driven by customers. When inspecting the carts, make sure items items are thoroughly checked or confirmed:

  • Cart cleanliness. Dirty or unkempt carts reflect poorly on your golf course.
  • Tire pressure. Low tire pressure can make your golf carts inefficient. 
  • Fuel levels. Gas-powered golf carts will require the fuel they need in order to run. 
  • Battery power. This is especially important for electrical units. 

During their inspections, your employees should quickly check the golf cart's wiring and body to look for frays and cracks. Golf carts that are cleared for duty must be capable of running all day long without fail, and just as important, must look good to customers.

Place Employees In Charge Of Annual or Bi-Annual Maintenance

Although many of your employees may be in charge of performing short, daily inspections of your golf carts, one employee or one team of employees must oversee the annual or bi-annual maintenance of each golf cart. This employee or team of employees must be in charge of certifying conditions about the fleet regularly:

  • Battery is sufficiently charged. 
  • Storage area is dry, cool and in good repair. 
  • Internal components of the golf cart show few signs of significant wear and tear.
  • Oil levels. 

During annual or bi-annual inspections, recommendations for repair must be made. All repair and maintenance recommendations must be recorded. Whenever annual maintenance tasks and repairs are carried out, this too must be noted. Recording the maintenance history of each golf cart will allow the employee to track the needs of each specific vehicle.

Before conducting an annual or bi-annual inspection of the unit, the employee must familiarize himself or herself with the service history of the vehicle to ensure that time is not wasted performing unnecessary or inappropriate maintenance.

Following these tips, you should be able to maintain a large fleet of golf carts. This will help you improve the customer experience at your golf course, thereby making the business more profitable.