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Welcome to my website. My name is Frances Reed. If you’re considering buying a used car, you are in the right place. I recently had my first experience with purchasing a used car and want to share some tips I learned along the way. When I began my search, the important things were color, comfort, and low mileage. I ended up with a green vehicle (which isn't on my favorite color list,) it has over 150,000 miles driven, but it is comfortable. I was very fortunate and had a friend who’s a mechanic come with me to test drive vehicles. Tip number one: be sure you have a mechanic check out vehicles before you buy. I hope I can offer you some valuable information here.



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Buying a Used Vehicle

4 Benefits Of Purchasing A Used Car

by Connor Ferguson

When it comes time to replace a family vehicle, many people debate over whether they should buy a brand new car or op for a used model. If you want the most bang for your buck, buying a used car can be a financially sound decision. There are many benefits to getting a used car, including:

Stretch Your Budget

Depending on the type of vehicle you are interested in buying, you can get a lot more car, often with upgraded features, when you choose to buy a vehicle used instead of new. Cars today are designed to last a long time, so buying a vehicle that is a few years old may allow you to get the make and model that you want, but can't afford to buy new. Many used car lots also offer warranties on used cars that they sell, so you can have peace of mind without paying new car prices.

Less Depreciation

The new car smell is nice, but most people would agree that it is not worth thousands of dollars! On average, a new car can depreciate 20% in value as soon as it is driven off the lot. By the time a vehicle is a few years old it may have low miles, but it will be worth a lot less than when it was purchased. This is good news for used car buyers- you can get a great vehicle that is only a few years old without having to deal with a drastic depreciation in value.

Lower Auto Insurance Premiums

A  big factor when it comes to auto insurance is the value of the car. A new car will cost an insurance company more to replace in the event of a total loss, so insurance premiums will be higher if you buy a new car. When you purchase a used vehicle that is a few years old and has already depreciated in value, you will pay less for insurance. Over the period of time that you own a vehicle, you can save a lot of money on insurance costs if you buy used.

Registration Fees

Like auto insurance premiums, the cost to register a vehicle is often determined by its value. Thus the cost to register a brand new car can be substantially higher than registering a used vehicle. Car registration fees can be quite high depending on the state that you live in, but you can save on these costs by not buying a brand new car. Contact a local used car dealer, such as Grey Chevrolet Inc, for further assistance.