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Buying a Used Vehicle

Project Managers - Understanding Hydraulic Systems And Their Hose Fitting Options

by Connor Ferguson

If you are a project manager recently employed in the construction industry, it is vital that you understand how hydraulic systems work. Additionally, you should understand the three main classes of hydraulic hose fittings and when each should be utilized.

Here is some information to assist you in gaining knowledge about hydraulics:

Hydraulic Function and Use

Hydraulics are closed systems which operate using pistons and petroleum-based lubricating fluids. The piston moves up and down with the assistance of the lubricating fluid. This movement causes a strong force to build that is then used to operate machinery. Due to the strong force created, hydraulic systems have a lot of lifting and moving power.

Hydraulic Fitting Classes

There are three classes of hydraulic hose fittings:

  1. crimp 
  2. reusable
  3. easy clip

Here is some basic information on each type, and when the fitting is appropriate for use:

Crimp Fittings

Crimp hydraulic fittings are a single-use product. Crimp fittings are crimped down on the hose using strong tools. If this type of fitting needs to be removed, then it will need to be replaced with a new fitting. Crimp fittings cannot be used more than once or they are prone to leaking and failure.

Crimp fittings are generally a spiral hose to spiral fitting type. Where the fitting meets the hose, the fitting will be crimped. This set-up allows for use in very high-pressure applications, such as industrial manufacturing equipment and semi truck break systems.

Reusable Fittings

Reusable hydraulic fittings are environmentally friendly and can be used many times. Reusable fittings are available on the market for the following hose styles:

  • braided
  • PTFC
  • socketless
  • spiral

Reusable fittings are often used on heavy equipment and forklifts.

Easy Clip Fittings

As the name implies, easy clip hydraulic fittings are special hydraulic fittings that clip together quickly and easily. Easy clip fittings do not require any tools to connect or to disconnect. 

Easy clip fittings are often used in applications such as automotive hydraulic breaks and semi truck refrigeration. The ease of their use is making easy clip fittings more popular in the marketplace today.


By possessing a working knowledge of hydraulic systems and their fittings, you will be able to speak with confidence about both in your project management meetings. This ability will make your professional life easier and show others you are knowledgeable about the equipment utilized in the construction industry.

If you have additional questions about hydraulic fittings, you should contact a wholesale seller of hydraulic parts (such as Certified Products Co or another company).