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Welcome to my website. My name is Frances Reed. If you’re considering buying a used car, you are in the right place. I recently had my first experience with purchasing a used car and want to share some tips I learned along the way. When I began my search, the important things were color, comfort, and low mileage. I ended up with a green vehicle (which isn't on my favorite color list,) it has over 150,000 miles driven, but it is comfortable. I was very fortunate and had a friend who’s a mechanic come with me to test drive vehicles. Tip number one: be sure you have a mechanic check out vehicles before you buy. I hope I can offer you some valuable information here.



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Buying a Used Vehicle

3 Tips For Getting A Better Deal On A Brand New Car

by Connor Ferguson

If you are thinking about buying a brand new car, you are probably pretty excited about owning -- and driving -- a bright and shiny vehicle that has never been owned by anyone else. However, you are probably concerned about the cost of purchasing a new vehicle. Although it is certainly true that new cars can get expensive, there are ways that you can achieve your goal of new car ownership without having to spend a fortune. Give these tips a try, and you might find yourself taking a spin on your new vehicle soon without having to put as much of a damper on your bank account as you originally thought.

1. Buy Last Year's Model

Although the sales person might be anxious to whisk you off to see the newest vehicles from your brand-of-choice's line-up, ask him or her to take a pause. Instead, ask to see new vehicles that are from last year's model line-up. There's a strong chance that the body style and features are exactly the same, and your vehicle should be under warranty, but you'll be able to save a fortune by buying last year's model. Even if you're buying brand new, many dealerships are trying to do what they can to get rid of "old" cars on their lots. Along with getting a lower price, you may be able to score more perks and easier financing by buying a car that the lot wants to get rid of.

2. Bring in Print-Outs from Other Dealerships

Whether you are going to a local Toyota dealership or a dealership from just about any manufacturer under the sun, you can expect some not-so-friendly competition. Take things up a notch -- and score yourself a discount -- by bringing in print-outs and pricing information for similar vehicles, even if they are from dealerships from elsewhere in the country. There's a strong chance that your car dealer will match the price or offer a lower one.

3. Shop for Your Own Financing

Don't let someone at the dealership convince you that you don't have any other or better options. Instead, consider talking to someone from your local bank and from other lending institutions about potential financing for your new car. If you come in with paperwork in hand, a sales professional will be more likely to cut you a deal.

You don't have to spend a fortune on a new car. Instead, try these three tips to save money.